Friday, July 1, 2011

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner: Leave Well Enough ALONE!

A few weeks ago I recommended that my coworker try out Giovanni's Smooth as Silk conditioner. I tell anyone who will listen that this is my Holy Grail conditioner for everything...conditioning, detangling, leave-in, and styling. She went out and bought one of the 33oz bottles from TJMaxx, tried it, and hated it. She actually gave me the whole bottle!! I was shocked, to say the least, but was glad that I had a new bottle of SAS to work with (I'd been working to use up some Giovanni 50/50).

That day I went straight home and co-washed my hair with it. First thing I noticed was that it smelled different. Then I noticed that it did not have the same slip that I'm used to...crazy. I chalked it up as a bad bottle or batch. I worked well enough for me and I continued to use it to this day.

Fast forward a few more weeks, and I find the Giovanni Facebook page. A quick review of the wall told me all I needed to know. People were complaining that that ingredients have changed in the SAS, and changed for the worse. I don't keep up with every ingredient like some do, but these people were LIVID! It was also noted that the packaging label has been edited from "Pure Organic Technology" to "EcoChic Technology." #REDFLAG

Sure enough, the bottle my coworker gave me is that of this new formula. Tisk tisk Giovanni. I am soooo disappointed. Now I feel like running out and finding every bottle I can find of the old formula. This is a HOT MESS!!

I will continue to use the new formula because I am not a stickler for "cones" and such, but I wish they would bring the old formula back.


Happy 4th of July Ladies!!



  1. Oh no!! I'll have to be sparing with my current bottle of SAS since they've changed up the ingredients!

  2. I really need to go out and find at least one more bottle of the old formula (if I can).

    At this point I am digging the last of some 50/50 out with my pinkie finger, and it is hands down better than the new SAS formula. Ya'll know I preferred the SAS over the 50/50 to begin with. I will post back if I find it.